8000 year- old İzmir, having a history dated back Neolithic Age, is one of the unique cities of the world with its historical treasures. The city acquired its old name from an Amazon Queen called "Smyrna". Izmir, which had been a host town to many civilizations during history, owns historical traces of great civilizations and one of the Seven Wonders of the World (Artemision-Ephesus), Agora from Roman times, and the known oldest bridge in the world which is registered in Guinness Records Book.
As a harbor city, Izmir is the second biggest city following Istanbul with respect to its lively economic life and the intensity of industrial enterprises since 16th century when it acquired its noteworthy place in the commercial life of the Mediterranean Region and the World. Both domestic and foreign trade has been highly developed in Izmir thanks to its free trade zones, international fairs and industrial zones.