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Ege University was selected as one of the pilot universities within the scope of “internationalization”. Ege University Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Budak participated to the “Intern more..
900. operation

900. operation was undertaken by robotic surgery in Ege University which is the one and only university hospital having robotic surgery equipment in the region and one of the 35 centers in Turkey. more..
The first cooperation in Turkey “From Producer to Stude...

Ege University signed an exemplary protocol with Turkey Agricultural Credit Cooperatives. The foodstuffs used in Ege University Cafeterias will be supplied by Turkey Agricultural Credit Cooperatives. more..
Renewable Energy Move from Ege University

Ege University took action to minimize energy expenditure about 24.5 million TL and to head towards eco-friendly energy resources. The project at stake ,prepared for fulfillment of energy demands of E more..
Ege University School of Medicine academicians placed o...

University Assessments and Research Laboratory (ÜNİAR) announced: "Academic Performance Report" which reports performance of the academicians of 108 state universities in Turkey. Ege Un more..
The first scarless thyroid operation in Bulgaria by the...

Bulgaria's first scarless thyroid operation was done by a team headed by Associate Prof. Özer Makay from Ege University Faculty of Medicine's Department of General Surgery. Prof. Makay more..
The first carpus tumor prosthesis in the world was desi...

The prosthesis which fills in the cavity as of excision of carpus tumor and provides refunction was designed in Ege University.  Ass. Prof. Burçin Keçeci and Ass. Prof. Levent K& more..
Ege University proudly presents local manufactured biom...

Good news from Ege University, speeding up its local vaccination production, is from healthcare field again. Ege University experts designed a home made biomedical signal recording appliance. All mate more..






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