Culture & Art
Atatürk Cultural Center was established in 1981, and is situated in Konak, the center of Izmir city. It´s an important recreational and social center that provides space for various cultural and art performances of Aegean region and Izmir. The center has 2 auditoriums for 624 and 628 spectators, 4 seminar rooms for 45 spectators, a theatre hall, 8 workshop rooms for 12 spectators and an exhibition gallery with a capacity of 800 guests.
As Ege University´s corporate identity´s reflection, Campus Cultural Center provides hosting for various international and national congresses, seminars, conferences, cultural and art performances.
Campus Cultural Center embracing visitors of all age, aims to make its contribution for a dynamic Campus ambiance crowded with cultural and art activities for students and university staff while organizing cultural and art performances within Campus.
Campus Cultural Center apart from its mission in Ege University, has taken its place among the most imposrtant facilities dedicated to perpetuate Izmir´s cultural, artistic and scientific activities with its Mötbe Hall, Exhibition Hall and Seminar Hall as well.
Campus Cultural Center with the other Cultural Centers of Ege University such as Atatürk Cultural Center, The Pavilion of the Year Fiftieth, Culture and Arts Hall is determined to open a gate for art in their daily routines of the students and to get acquainted students with art and cultural activities.

Throughout the academic year, the students are offered to enjoy personal development seminars, movie screenings, concerts, theatre performances, chat shows and the activities performed or organized by student clubs as free of charge in Culture and Arts Hall (307 seating capacity)

Addition to above mentioned activities, Ege University Theatre Club´s and Turkish Folk Music Club´s ( an award winner student club in national contests every year),practices and activities take place in Culture and Arts Hall.

A new Cultural Center was gained to our university with the restoration of an old disused Levantine house in 2006.The pavilion ,which is in the same garden with the Rectorate Building, has an Art Gallery, Art Library, Art Records and an Art Workshop units. Besides, art movie screenings in a scheduled manner take place in the Pavilion as well.
It was built in 1880. It takes a preeminent place in Bornova´s historical texture. The pavilion had been handed over the Metropolitan Municipality in 2001. In 2005, it was allocated to Ege University´s usage after the completion of its restoration, which was projected by Dokuz Eylül University´s Faculty of Architecture.