Social and Cultural Activities
The social and cultural activities in Ege University are conducted at university, faculty and school levels. Various art exhibitions and activities are organized for the enjoyment of the students at their leisure times.
These activities take place on the Culture and Arts Hall with accommodation for 330 spectators, the Amphitheater with accommodation for 5000 spectators, Ege University Rectorate Atatürk Cultural Center which is situated in Konak and has 2 grand halls with accommodation for 654 and 628, a theatre for 340 spectators and 4 seminar rooms for 45 and an exhibition hall with a capacity of 800 visitors. Apart from these, there are many art workhops and an Art Gallery on the Campus.
There are various student clubs which are supported by our Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports Affairs. These students clubs participates contests and competitions at national level and perform various activities throughout the academic year.
One of the most favored social and cultural activities in Ege University is the traditional Sports and Arts Festival organized every year during May. Concerts, sport games, cinema and theater performances, sale, and promotion stands, conferences, symposiums, scientific meetings, fashion shows and various competitions take place during the festival. Also student groups from other universities and from foreign countries participate in the festival.
There is a students´ camp located in Özdere (80 km to ?zmir)with a capacity of 200 beds.It was established in 1985. There are 10 periods in the summer vacation during which students, academic and administrative staff can make use of the camp. Various activities and entertainment are organized in order to provide a comfortable and informal atmosphere for the students. There are all facilities one may need of in the camp site.