Student Support Services
There are dormitories for the female and male students of the directorate of Credit and Students near to the Campus. They have an accomodation capacity of 6000 students. Ege University Student Dormitories with 2500 bed capacity is still under construction. Psychological Consultation and Guiding Services Unit of the Directorate of Health and Sports Affairs offer help to the students who have accomodation problems.
The students are provided food at modest prices with the contribution allocated from university budget in the student cafeterias which are situated near the faculties.
There are three dining halls with a capacity of 10.000 students and 5 student canteens. Apart from these, 8 canteen-cafeterias which were gained to Ege University with the model of Built-Operate-Transfer and 10 cafeterias which are operated by the University Foundation. There are also various dining halls for the academic and administrative staff.
The University´s Health Services is carried out by the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports in its purpose-built and modern health center located in the center of the Campus. The Directorate offers offers a full range of medical and dental services to the students, academic and administrative staff. These services include the physical examinations required of new students, medical check-ups and the usual daily services. Major illnesses requiring admission to hospital are sent to the University Hospital and the Faculty of Dentistry.
The health center comprises variousclinics such as Internal Diseases, ENT, Fever Diseases, Dermathology, Psychiatry, Chest Diseases, Gastroentrology, Gynecology, Opthalmology, Pediatry, 3 Dentistry Clinics and 4 preventive medicine clinics. Besides, there are fully equipped clinical laboratories (biochemistry microbiology), radiological examination rooms, an emergency room with 3 bed capacity and a pharmacy
Since Ege University is located on the crossroad of Ankara, ?stanbul and ?zmir, the access to intercity transportation means is free of problems and very fast . Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also provides local transportation by means of its scheduled bus services and underground services between Üçyol and Bornova line.
The activities regarding the scholarships and donations provided to Ege University students are carried out by Psychological Advisory and Counseling Services Unit operating under the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports Affairs.
The Advisory and Counseling Services Unit of the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports offers advisory and counseling services for helping Ege students to solve their various problems.which they may face with in teir new lives in the University.
The Advisory and Counseling Services Unit works in collaboration with the other units of the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports Affairs. As Psychological Counseling the services are provided to students who are in need of individual, group counseling or help for handling with identity and adaptibility problems and stress management.The conferences or panels are organized at least once in a month regarding the problems most complained by students.The guiding services of the unit also covers the adaptibility problems to their new social environment in the university, students-parents problems, accomodation problems, financial problems. The unit provides information about a wide range of employment and scholarship opportunities in a variety of occupations in both private and public sectors as well.
Ege University provides baby nursing and kindergarten services for the children of its staff for the sake of a better and more productive working life. There are a baby nursing facility with a capacity of 112, a Campus kindergarten with a capacity of 120 and another kindergarten in Çaml?k with a capacity of 60 children and a study hall with a capacity of 60. The employees of these facilities educates children as to their needs and provide opportunities for some gifted children to make them participating to the activities on folk dances, music performances and gymnastic activities.